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Fun apps for learning handwriting

My eight year old really wants to learn cursive or, as they say in school, handwriting. Her best friend in school mastered cursive in kindergarten and so far in the classroom it hasn’t been taught. So, I’ve gathered a few cursive apps to let her practice and build her confidence and once the class jumps into learning cursive, she’ll know the basics.

CursiveWriting HD- $0.99 – Perfect for starting out as well as honing your skills. This app takes a user from letter practice to words then to sentences.  You can customize sentences typing in what you’d like to write and choose whether there is an example or not when practicing. Have some fun with it and per-populate a word list into it for your child to practice or better yet have them search for words with the most letters for a challenge.

My Blackboard- Free – For practice this is my favorite app. Great for cursive as well as math and even writing music, this is the most realistic multipurpose app that feels, and sounds, like a real blackboard. You can choose different colors of chalk including an option to make your own rainbow chalk, and also use an eraser with water to clean the board. There are in app purchases you can make to remove ads or add a math or cursive module for 2.99 or upgrade to the full version which has it all for 3.99.

ABC Cursive $1.99 – This is a great basic app to practice cursive letters. You trace over the letter after a brief demo of the proper way to draw the lines.  You can choose from a palate of primary colors.  It doesn’t offer words or sentences just letters.

Note: There is a free version of the app but parents have reported inappropriate ads so I’ve listed the link to the paid version with no ads.