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Top 5 Apps for Kids – Art, Music & Imagination Apps

I know I’m not the only parent with an Apple product on the wish list this year and whether it’s an iPad Mini, iPad, iTouch or iPhone we’ve got the best selection of apps that are sure to keep them excited.  You can use educational or creative apps to work on skills for school and life.

Try out these fun and educational apps that develop fine motor skills, social interactions and boost creativity. These apps are great for kids ages 6 to 12 years old.

Art App

scetchbook express iconSketchbook Express – this easy-to-use free drawing tool is amazing.  My 7 year old picked it up and started drawing with the app right away, no instruction needed. Once done saving masterpieces is easy.  Good for any age and this app can grow with your child and will get a lot of use over time.  Available for iPad and Android Google Play.

brave sketch

Very easy to use, this app allows the creativity to flow.

Music App

GarageBand features a selection of instruments from piano, violin, drums, guitar, electric guitar and cello and more.  We’re trying to get my daughter to choose an instrument to play and this is a great way for her to sample some choices.You can play the instruments composing as you go and even record an original song. Experiment with chords or notes depending on your preference.  The instruments sound unbelievably real.   Price $4.99

Garage band piano

Choose your instrument to play or experiment on. Piano, drums, strings are all included.

Film /movie making App

iMovie from Apple is great if you have a budding film maker. You can choose from movie trailer templates or choose to edit your own masterpiece.  Import your videos from the iPad and customize as you like, you can even record your own voice over. My 10 year old loves this app. There is an option to create a movie trailer using a set of templates from themes like adrenaline, Bollywood, scary and fairy tale and your film looks just like the pros.  Price: $4.99

iMovie screen example

Choose from different themes and create a custom film trailer to showcase your projects


Great Games

minecraftMy inner geek rejoiced this year when my 10 year old daughter told me she needed to get to the computer to set up a virtual server with her friends so she could play Minecraft Pocket Edition. The game is an architectural tool where kids can build villages, gardens and homes while digging for resources like gold and diamonds.  At first I thought the graphics weren’t very sophisticated but as I watched the kids play I could see that they work with the resources available and come up with some great ideas. The communication between kids is amazing as they plan their villages and homes and ward off intruders.The Minecraft Pocket Edition is a nice way to try it out without committing to the full desktop version. Available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices. Price $6.99

star wars angry birdsAngry Birds Star Wars is as fun as the name suggests.  Based on the very popular Angry Birds series which celebrates it’s third year this week. Using a sling shot this fine motor skill game uses strategy and reasoning to knock down targets for points.  My kids love this app and so do I.  The birds have gone into Star Wars disguises and you can fling Luke Skywalker and if you miss you’ll face Darth Vader!  Available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices. This is serious fun for just $0.99.


If you missed the other Top 5 Apps we select the five best apps recommended by school resource teachers that help support learning and are fun to use.  Top Math and Science apps and websites features the best age appropriate apps for children, ages 7 year old, 8 year old, nine year old and up, that we’ve come across for homework and learning.

If you have some amazing apps you’d like to recommend add them in the comments section below.

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