Homework help: Top apps & websites for math and science

What are the best apps and websites for learning? My daughter is in the 6th grade and brought her math homework home the other day asking me to help with a few items. I decided to read the textbook chapter to refresh myself and I couldn’t believe the lack of detail provided. The chapter didn’t teach at all so I had to rely on my own web resources to teach her the material and we were much more successful.

Below are some top homework help websites and apps that are excellent for math and science presenting the information in a fun and engaging way.  Use these as tools to teach your child the core basics to succeed in school and use them as a refresher for you if it’s been awhile since you tackled fractions or algebra.

If you you have a gifted child who is bored in school give them some advanced learning to see if you can stimulate and challenge them to the next level.

Math help for kids

Khan Academy is a free website site with excellent math support including addition, fractions to algebra, calculus and everything in between.  Taught through a series of simple to understand videos offering lessons step by step.  It is a great math refresher for parent math skills too.  There are options for monitoring progress offered. Supported in part by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation this is the new modern model in teaching math and science to kids.Khan academy

IXL.com is math learning in a new and exciting way with comprehensive learning of all grade levels. We learned about if from our math resource teacher and my daughter loves the instant results and the point system. This easy to use math website has a free demo and offers grade level math skills. You can upgrade to a membership starting at $9.99/month or $79/year USD to get unlimited problems, more rewards and detailed progress reports for parents.  IXL offers customized math curriculum based on your country including the US, Canada and the UK.  We use this site for daily math skills as well as preparation for math tests.  My daughter increased her math grade already in just a month!

Science help for kids

Frog Dissection iPad app by Emantras is an award winning app that walks through the steps in a frog dissection.  If you child is curious or squeamish this is an excellent tool to show what the frog dissection experience will entail before they get into the classroom.  It can also be used as a preparation for the test and practice.  Price: $3.99


DK The Human Body iPad app is an award winning tool to look inside the human body.  We’ve been studying the digestive system and the detail is amazing in the app.  It presents the information in a very straightforward way so that you can explore together or your child can review alone.  We really enjoy the 360 visuals and detailed labeling.  Price $6.99


Khan Academy as profiled above also has excellent support for science topics from biology to chemistry to physics and more.  Mostly for upper grade students, in addition to the easy to understand video tutorials there is a questions and answer section to ask more detailed questions from a community expert.  Price: Free


For more information on apps geared towards success in school check out my monthly pick of best apps for kids as featured in the Top RealKid Apps.

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