Top 5 Apps for science – electrons, chemistry, astronomy

This month we’re heavy into science at school so we’re focusing on apps supporting learning physics, astronomy and chemistry.

Science apps serve can serve two needs for students: basic learning and further exploration. They can also be a great tool for visual learners giving a more personal,  hands on look at science.

Geared more for kids in the 10 year old and up range these apps are great resources to keep around as the kids grow and build upon their knowledge.

This month I’ve included a great bonus strategy app to challenge the kids a bit between school work, enjoy!

Solar Walk – This app has nice graphics and allows you to tour the planets from all directions.  Each planet has general information, stats and information in the internal structure of the planet. A must have for kids who love learning about planets.  This award winning app was featured by Apple as Best Apps of 2010, 2011 and 2012 and also a Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner. Price: $2.99

Pocket Universe – This is another great app for those who love to learn about planets and the universe.  I bought this app for my husband to use with the kids, they love star gazing and the app works with geolocatation so it tells you what’s happening in your part of the world. There is a nice simulation of the planets in motion with some basic facts on the planets and moons.
Price: $2.99

Monster Physics – My kids aren’t learning physics in school yet but we’re addicted to this app!  We had a great time working with the mechanics challenges and we all took a turn building mechanical devices trying out all the gears and shapes.  There are nice easy to understand lessons on physics so when the kids learn it in school they’ll understand the basics already. 2012 Price: $.99

Electrons – My daughter is learning about electrons in science right now. This app has a nice simple explanation along with a super simple interface for kids and parents to work with. Once the basics are understood there is room for exploration and further experimenting. You can charge electrons and see then in action repelling or attracting based on the charge.
Price: $1.99

The Elements – This app gives a visual learning twist to the periodic table bringing it to life.  Want to know what Boron looks like? No problem it has 360 degree visuals for elements and fun details like current market price and similar properties of other elements. If you child is a visual learner this is a great app to begin building their interest and knowledge in science and they’ll appreciate it when they get to chemistry class.  Price: $13.99

Bonus – Strategy App Review

Tic Stac Toe – If you’re ready for a game for any age that requires strategy and a sense of adventure then this is it!  Then Tic Stac Toe has brought a whole new spin to the game of tic tac toe! It’s a stack-able game that is totally addictive and a challenge to the best players. Brand new to the app store this is a great game to give your kids.   It is a free game and if you’d like to remove the ads you can upgrade for $.99

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