Why great leaders inspire action featuring Simon Senek

I recently shared this great Ted Talk video with my older daughter.  Her class had studied Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. earlier this year and we had some great discussions about what makes a great leader.  I shared the video by Simon Senek called “Why Great Leader Inspire Action.”

I wanted her to know that to be a great leader it’s OK to do things differently.  Great leaders do things differently and inspire action because they can connect with others through core beliefs which are surface through why they do what they do.

The video is focused on why some companies succeed where others that are similar,  don’t, it can be a bit long for a kid to sit through and not zone out, so it might be best to watch it first and choose some select areas that mean the most to you. For my daughter I made the connection to what a great leader Martin Luther King Jr. was and why people followed him so she could relate.

Here are some key times in the video that I shared that relate to Dr. King:

  • The initial reference to Dr. King is at the beginning
  • There is a good explanation on how great leaders differentiate themselves at 2 minutes into the video
  • Great story about the M.L.K. Jr. speech is 15 minutes into the video (15:34):


Simon Senek’s video on Why Great Leaders Inspire Action: