Where in the world is? Fun with geography apps

This month we celebrate the birth of the nation and these Top 5 geography apps offer a unique and fun way to learn about the world we live in. Some apps work like games and others more like challenges so depending on how your child likes to learn, there are choices to match their style.

Focusing on the US, Canada and the countries of the world these apps are fun for kids of all ages – give ‘em a try and test your knowledge!

US States

Learn the States – USA Capital and Geography covers facts about the US states.  You can start with the basics learning where the states are on the map and as you master facts you can add on items like the state birds. trees, landmarks, major cities and abbreviations.The reward for a job well done is to collect virtual quarters for all the states. There is a driving quiz which is pretty challenging – it asks you to drive through the country and visit certain places – it’s super fun and surprisingly hard to master!  Nice retro design and clean interface. Great for all ages and reasonably priced at $0.99.

Stack The States is an all time favorite. Voted Best Kids App for iPad -Best App Ever Awards as well as Voted Best Educational Game App – iEAR.org this app is a great tool for learning. You learn interesting facts about the states and the game challenges what you’ve learned. You can customize the game for 6 players so each child can keep score of how well they’re doing. There is a lite version of the game but for no ads and the full version the price of $0.99 is reasonable.

There aren’t many apps out there for learning Canadian provinces but I found one that’s free and can be used for testing knowledge. TapQuiz Maps World Edition covers the world and has coverage for the provinces in Canda.  You can make an in-app purchase to remove ads and add games.  Best used after learning the information this app is best for testing your knowledge.

The World
Stack The Countries works the same way as the Stack the States with a game interface and fun facts on the countries featured. It is a great way to learn about the world and where places are as well as what is interesting about each region. We find this is a great way to supplement reports and leads to some great discussions on what’s happening in the world.There is a lite version of the game and offers limited info so for the regular price of $1.99 it might be worth the full price version.

Learn The World is the sister app of Learn the States featured above and keeps the simple retro feel with design that is easy to navigate. Offering simple facts on each area including flags, capitals, currency, and directs you to Wikipedia if you’d like more info. You can explore the world countries and test your knowledge once you’re ready.  Price: $1.99

Take it a bit further and check out the Kid World Citizen website for some fun for global adventures including cooking, learning about regions of the world and seeing how kids around the world live.

If you have a geography app you’ve found that kids love please feel free to add it to the comments below.