Help them get organized – Top 5 productivity apps: 9-12 year olds

Keeping things organized and improving productivity became a big deal for my older daughter starting in the 4th Grade and she began needing skills and tools to keep on top of things.  Now in the 6th grade it’s even more important.

I’ve found it can be quite challenging to find the right balance of paper and digital solutions so this month our apps focus on being productive in the classroom whether it’s note taking, study aids or writing.

MyScript Memo is my favorite note taking app so far for it’s easy to use interface and ability to convert handwritten notes to text.  You can email the handwritten note as an image or text in an email so it can be extremely useful in class.  This app also allows you to take a photo and embed it into a document so if you’re out sick you can take a photo of someone’s notes and later add your own info.  Price: Free

iStudious with Flashcards This app has a great flashcard application, there are better note taking apps but certain subjects require memorization and this app allows you to easily create flashcards then quiz yourself on their content.  Good for self testing or testing with a friend or parent.  It works using a bookshelf and it is easy to find your notes. Price $3.99

Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad turns your iPad into the functionality of a laptop bringing Microsoft Office and pdf’s to a tablet. Laptops are heavy for kids to carry in their backpack so Quickoffice offers a great option to take notes and write reports using an iPad instead.  It is well worth the investment if you want your child to move away from a laptop in school or if you don’t have an extra computer at home to use for reports. Price: 19.99

Penultimate by Evernote goes old school by relying on the art of handwriting for note taking but it’s anything but antiquated with a powerful search functionality using hand writing recognition. A good app for subjects that rely on drawing, diagrams or sketching ideas.  The app can sync to Evernote and open in Dropbox, Quickoffice and Sketchbook.
Price: Free

Ia Writer Price is the simplest way to take notes using the keyboard and is the winner of the Mac Apps of the Year 2011.  Called the “noise free writing experience” it has no bells or whistles it gives a clean interface for just words. If you don’t want to get distracted while working this is a good note taking app to try.  You can open your note in Quickoffice, Evernote or Dropbox. Price: $0.99

We’ve been testing different apps to find the right ones for the right class. It takes a few trials to get the mix correct but knowing what options are out there helps. Perfecting the use of the apps in the classroom will also take time but I’m hoping to be able to move my daughter away from a laptop next year in school and transition her to an iPad instead.  Are your kids using their own laptops or iPads in the classroom for schoolwork?  If so I’d love to have you share your experience in the comments section below.

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