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Reading, creativity, school help, education, food –  as parents we never have all the answers but we do our best and we reach out for info and advice when needed. Throughout the years I’ve come across some top parent blogs and sites that give some great tips and information for busy parents.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Imagination Soup by Melissa Taylor is a great site focusing on education from the view of a teacher.  Great conversations about age appropriate info from many sources gives you some great info and insight from other parents and educators so you can weigh options and decide what’s right for your child.

Pragmatic Mom is a website that focuses on reading offering good choices for age appropriate books.  There is other helpful info on art, languages, and creativity.  My favourite article so far is a language post on MemRise a fun website to learn languages as well as history, science, music, sports – the list goes on!

From The Mixed Up Files is a site by 30 authors who “bring awareness and enthusiasm and celebration to books for 8-12 year olds.” Reading is such a fundamental building block for children and regardless of whether your child loves to read or not this site will insprie you.  There are helpful tips on reading and support to encourage reading and book selections for children.

If you love blogs with active parent participation then Circle of Moms is the blog for you.  They have parenting topics from baby food, expanding your family, sleeping tips, school advice to weigh in on as well as a sections called The Round Up which features quick read articles on meals, home life, behavior and more for busy moms.

If you have a favourite site add it in the comments section!

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