Fun Spring and Easter art projects


art for kidsJust in time for Easter and Spring Break I’ve collected some great ideas for art projects that are kid friendly, look great and foster creativity.

Take a lead from the season and focus on flowers, baskets, Easter eggs with a twist and colorful stain-glass projects.

close up egg artI have a featured art project, as seen above, for kids of all ages to make a paper collage Easter egg a that is a fun way to get excited for the spring and Easter season. Continue reading

Creative kids? There’s an app for that! Creative art apps for RealKids


art appsSometimes kids just want to have fun with art. We’ve been checking out apps that allow for creativity no matter level of artistic ability. The nice thing about art apps is they can also tie in nicely with storytelling.

Kids don’t realize that by figuring out where something goes they are structuring a story with a beginning, middle and end. This translates later in the classroom when kids have to structure their thoughts for reports, project, and journal writing.

Challenge them to share their experiences this summer with the fun art apps below and see how much fun they can have telling a story.  Great apps for kids 5 – 13 years old. Continue reading

Spring art – super easy paper collage Easter egg art project for all ages


easter spring art projectsofia-artThis is a super simple Easter or spring art project kids can do that looks fantastic, encourages creativity and scales to different ages.  Using tissue paper squares and Mod Podge or white glue you paint the paper to the eggs and create a layered look that is colorful with each egg having a unique look and color combination.

The eggs can be styrofoam or plastic and can be picked up at the local art store or dollar store.  If you’re really adventurous you can use real eggs and blow out the raw egg inside but I wouldn’t recommend that with young kids or it might be really frustrating when they break. Continue reading

How to Host a Fairy Garden Party

Fairy Garden PartyWe wanted to celebrate our youngest daughter’s 9th birthday and over the year we’ve cycled through different themed birthday parties: ice skating, gymnastics, art, tea parties, sports themes.  We were looking for something engaging and fun and a little different this year, something that wouldn’t break the bank and that could accomodate our daughter’s recent gluten free diet.

We came up with a great idea to host a Fairy Garden birthday party at our local garden center. Warm, inside, and surrounded by lovely flowers it almost made us forget the cold winter just outside!


Continue reading

Fun apps for learning handwriting

cursive-practice-no-borderMy eight year old really wants to learn cursive or, as they say in school, handwriting. Her best friend in school mastered cursive in kindergarten and so far in the classroom it hasn’t been taught. So, I’ve gathered a few cursive apps to let her practice and build her confidence and once the class jumps into learning cursive, she’ll know the basics. Continue reading

Best Teen Gifts

Teens are hard to buy for so it’s always good to have a collection of ideas ready to go. This year we’re focusing on a selections of low and hi-tech gifts for all seasons that will surely impress those young adults in your family with electronics, board games and productivity items at the top the list.  Continue reading

Gift Guide for 8-12 year olds

Holiday Gift guide kids 8 years old to 12 yeard oldIt’s that time of the year again where the kids get to decide what they’d like on their wish list for the Holiday. I like to see creative choices or games that encourage social interactions an maybe a little fun imagination. This year I wasn’t dissapointed in their selections which are fun, social and sharable.  I also have a few selections for quiet time. Continue reading

The dreaded four letter word: LICE

I fear lice, in fact I’m itching my head already already just writing this post.

A friend at work mentioned she just went through a few rounds of lice at her house and that I should write a post about lice. Her biggest insight was that she didn’t need to use chemicals after all (yes, she tried everything including the chemical shampoo) and in her experience the only thing that actually removed the lice was a lice comb and diligence.

Here are some facts and tips about lice to help conquer the most feared head accessory at school. Continue reading

Back to school apps for 8 – 12 year olds

hopscotchThe school year pretty much starts the same way each year: new teacher, new classroom, review of what the kids learned last year and how to organize for this year.

Some kids have tutoring over the summer to work on subjects that need extra support, some jump ahead to prepare for the next school year; some kids don’t like to crack a book focusing instead on the great summer weather and outdoor activities. We sit somewhere in the middle and to get the kids back into the head space for school I like to spend the last week of summer with a tune-up using educational apps.

The links below will take you to my collection of Top Apps – we use apps to brush up on last year’s curriculum and also to give a warm up of what’s to come.  The apps are broken into key areas of learning and offer a fun way to get back into the groove.


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Back to school in standout style

It’s that time again, back to school shopping! Clothes are top on the list and Tea Collection has some great unique sets of clothes and separates for boys and girls ages 2 – 12.  The collection takes design elements from cultures around the world and shares the design inspiration for each collection.

lion grove tshirtI love the bright colors and beautiful fabrics in active styles that mix and match and kids love to wear. The Lion Grove Tee is one of the new items in the collection and is $26. There is a great set of colorful graphic tees for girls and boys. First time orders are offered a 15% discount and shipping is a flat rate of $7 and free for orders over $150.

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Yum! Summer Berry Picking

berry girlWe had a great afternoon of berry picking with the kids. The sweet smell of perfectly ripe berries was in the air, the sun was out and the bugs were at bay – it was a perfect berry picking day!

We love going to a nearby farm about 20 minutes outside of Vancouver. Located at 2727 Westham Island Road in Ladner, British Columbia, the farm is a quick drive from Vancouver down Highway 99.

The farm is called Emma Lea Farms and they have seasonal berry picking starting in June. Their website is full of great info telling you which berries are in season so you can plan the visit to your favorite berry type.

The farm is very family friendly and you’ll see lots of kids running around with parents and grandparents chatting and picking. Everyone has a great time. Continue reading