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Buy-for-8-12 year olds

Gift Guide for 8-12 year olds

It’s that time of the year again where the kids get to decide what they’d like on their wish list. I like to see creative choices or games that encourage social interactions an maybe a little fun imagination. This year I wasn’t dissapointed in their

Best gifts for tweens and teens

Best Teen Gifts

Teens are hard to buy for so it’s always good to have a collection of ideas ready to go. This year we’re focusing on a selections of low and hi-tech gifts for all seasons that will surely impress those young adults in your family with


Back to school apps for 8 – 12 year olds

The school year pretty much starts the same way each year: new teacher, new classroom, review of what the kids learned last year and how to organize for this year. Some kids have tutoring over the summer to work on subjects that need extra support,

night cabin

Family adventure to Fort Langley

Love the idea of being part of and experience like Ben Stiller’s character had in the Night at the Museum? Ever wonder what it would be like to step back in time and live in a real fort? For you history buffs and those who like to