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night cabin

Family adventure to Fort Langley

Love the idea of being part of and experience like Ben Stiller’s character had in the Night at the Museum? Ever wonder what it would be like to step back in time and live in a real fort? For you history buffs and those who like to


Back to school apps for 8 – 12 year olds

The school year pretty much starts the same way each year: new teacher, new classroom, review of what the kids learned last year and how to organize for this year. Some kids have tutoring over the summer to work on subjects that need extra support,

fairy-cu copy

How to Host a Fairy Garden Party

We wanted to celebrate our youngest daughter’s 9th birthday and over the year we’ve cycled through different themed birthday parties: ice skating, gymnastics, art, tea parties, sports themes.  We were looking for something engaging and fun and a little different this year, something that wouldn’t

father tie

Fun and easy projects for Father’s Day

Dad’s love art from their kids and what better than a gift from the heart. I’ve collected some excellent ideas from Pinterest and the craft community for easy and fun art projects the kids can make for dear ol’ Dad! Father’s Day Art Projects Pinterest