How to answer tough tween questions with grace

Tween books to deal with situationsBeing the mom of a tween can feel a bit like being on a roller coaster sometimes.  Social, emotional and physical challenges pop up daily and just when you think things are running along smoothly,  there is a hiccup in the tween universe.

Over the last few years we’ve talked to our kids about drugs, body image, body science, doing your best, bullying, friend challenges, conflicts with teachers and boys.  Our kids love when we can relate to their experiences with our own stories from our childhood and we’re also always on the lookout for great reference materials that might help as well.

Recently I came across a great set of books that are perfect companions to our own stories of survival. Continue reading

Goodbye winter! Spring into spring with bold colors and beautiful prints

tea collectionI’m not sure how you’re feeling but I’m getting tired of the winter.  Things are looking pretty grey and cold and I’m looking more and more forward to spring.  Bold colors and beautiful prints are in the works for spring clothes this year and I’ve been inspired by the new Tea Collection South African inspired line that just came out for kids up to 12 years old.

If you have boys you’ll want to check out these great bold prints with animals and active wear fabrics – these aren’t your run of the mill blue and green boy clothes.  For girls it’s all about bright and strong – two personal characteristics I like to see in my girls! Continue reading

Top Gifts for 8 to 12 year olds: science, imagination & strategy

As my children get older capturing their interest can be challenging so I look for presents that will inspire them and use their imagination and expand their world.  The gift ideas below for 8 to 12 year olds are top science, imagination and strategy gifts that are sure to please.


littleBitsCalled “Lego for the iPad generation” by Bloomberg TV  littleBits are an amazingly fun gift for anyone over the age of 8.  Using magnets these electronic modules snap together and allow you to build whatever your imagination can come up with depending on what’s in your set.

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Top 5 Tween gifts for kids ages 9 to 12 years old

Tween gifts

Take the pressure off with these great tween gift ideas.

As my kids get older it’s harder and harder to come up with great gift ideas especially as they enter that pre-teen age of 9 to 12 year old time called “Tweens.” As birthdays and holidays come around friends and family ask for gift and toy ideas so it’s really handy to have a list of presents your child might like that are affordable and hit the mark with your tween.  We have some great ideas below.

By the time my daughter reached the age of 9 she pretty much had all of what she wanted in terms of toys. In fact, as we entered the tweens we found there was a turning point where she played less with toys and turned more towards music and computer games.  She began to take more of a tween interest in her room, books, movies,and jewelry so friends and family needed more help selecting gifts. Continue reading